Thursday, 7 April 2011

Street Vinyl Music presents "The Beats"

“The Beats”

A collection of instrumental tracks produced by a few members of our production team!
Sp The Specialist
Young Finesse
Jihad Ali
This project is dedicated to Hip Hop and R&B artists around the world!
Already taking off in Germany, France, and The UK, we are happy with the reception of this new release.
Feel free to share this link with friends or local artists that could use a little support in the production area.

Disstrick presents "That's What She Said"

That’s What She Said” is available for download at the links below!
This album is a masterpiece compiled of multiple mind-blowing singles. Every song will make you stand up and dance whether you want to or not! The days of your favorite band being two-dimensional are over! This album will be one that you will have on repeat in your car, mp3 player, and home! Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained with every note, verse, chorus, and track! 
(Click on any of the song titles below to hear a sample of the song)
You will feel a sense of “LIBERATION” while you experience a “FUNK ORGASM”! Ladies will want to throw their panties “IN THE WINDOW” as they fall “HEAD OVER HEELS” for this band with so much “SEX APPEAL”!  ”HEED THE CALL” and “COME WITH ME” as we watch the “SUNRISE”! “YOU AINT NEVER” had your “JUICY” lips kissed like this before!
We let some of our fans from around globe preview the new album and this is what they had to say:
United Kingdom: “I really liked all of the tracks, I think this will be a great album and will do great in the UK, my favorite song is Come With Me, quickly followed by the rest. Great job and good luck.”
Germany: “Ich bin ein Fan fürs Leben! diese Band ist erstaunlich! Ich liebe die Music!” (I am a fan for life! This band is amazing! I love the music!)
Australia: “This is the best band I’ve heard in a long while” Thanks for letting me hear these songs early. Do you mind if I share them with my girlfriends?”
Canada:  “I would buy 3 copies of the album. When is the release date? Kinda reminds me of The Roots with a lil bit of Creed thrown in!”
Thanks to all of the fans! You make it possible for us to do what we do. Without you, there would be no Disstrick. Thanks for keeping us in your hearts and on your lips.
Thanks to our band members! They’re not just a bunch of guys holding their instruments, they are family! We look forward to this journey of making musical history with you!
Band Members:
Jei: vocals, percussion
Los: vocals, percussion
Ryan: keys, back vocals
Hubie: guitar, back vocals
Jasec: Bass
James: drums
Nate: Sax, back vocals

@ChileazMusic Presents “Chilea’s Post Card # 1 -Brazil”

Chilea's Music Presents “Chilea’s Post Card # 1 -Brazil”
Quality Production from the newest member of the Street Vinyl Music team!
Take a second to check this out! 
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Friday, 17 December 2010


Hip Hop has changed so much over the years. With the birth of a million rappers and 2 million new indie record labels, hip hop has become like the churches on every corner of the ghetto (Big Business) With CDs being a thing of the past, traditional record stores have shut their doors for good. Downloads have become the primary method of getting music these days. 

Below are a couple of links to go get some of that really good hip hop! 

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